Want to sell , buy , rent or subcontract property ?

Our real estate activity covers the area of Kras and Brkini, however, in cooperation with other real estate companies we cover the entire territory of Slovenia, Croatian littoral and Italian region just across the border. We will safely and skilfully perform our services and mediate at the purchase, sale, rental and lease of the real estate and also arrange all the necessary documentation regarding the trade with the real estate.

To ensure quality, safe and comprehensive offer, we cooperate with legal experts, appraisers in the construction business, architects, construction and artisan contractors and interior design architects. We will be happy to cater to your needs and give you free advice on real estate transactions.


General services


  • great offer of real estate in Slovenia,
  • free tours of real estate,
  • free shooting,
  • free advertising on our website and in all the current magazines,
  • we arrange a possible tour of real estate with the potential seller and provide the adjustment of price agreements between the buyer and the seller, 
  • we provide legal support for the full transfer of ownership (deposit, sales contract, land registration) and the regulation of notarial services,
  • making all kinds of agreements,
  • mediation in the sale, purchase, exchange, renting and leasing out,
  • free advice on real estate transactions,
  • free information by e-mail info@nepremicnine-kras.si
For sellers


  • we assess the value of the property and, if necessary, the target group of customers,
  • at the acquisition of real estate held for sale, we review its land registry situation and identify possible shortcomings,
  • we help in the process of obtaining energy certificate, 
  • we develop an advertising and sales strategy,
  • we organize tours with potential buyers,
  • we organize and manage the negotiations for the conclusion of a legal transaction (contract),
  • if necessary, we check the customer's ability to meet contractual obligations,
  • we compose a sales contract
  • if necessary, we carry out the administrative and judicial procedures, in order to regulate the legal status, if these are the terms for the start of the sale,
  • we manage the acquisition of real estate, we assemble the collection record, and carry out transferral of the utility lines,
  • we represent the seller in the tax procedure and inform him with the amount and type of tax obligations, with the potential costs of notarial services,
  • if necessary, we arrange professional valuations of property.
For buyers


  • we verify the legal status of the real estate (ownership, mortgage, easements, accesses to land, construction and other administrative permits ...),
  • we check the actual state of real estate,
  • we cooperate and provide advice on the selection of real estate,
  • we advise on the financial structure of purchase and negotiate in obtaining a loan at the bank,
  • we compose a sales contract,
  • we manage the acquisition of real estate, we assemble the collection record, and carry out transferral of the utility lines,
  • we offer free storage of documents and funds on the fiduciary account, we draw up a documents for land investment proposals.
 For lessors / landlords


  • we assess the market value of the lease,
  • we verify the legal status of the property,
  • we advertise a property on various portals,
  • we perform regular and up-to-date telephone, written and online communication with the signer and the third party,
  • we participate in the negotiations between the landlord and a third party,
  • we compose a lease agreement and the collection record.
For tenants


  • we provide advice and actively look for the most suitable real estate,
  • we participate in the negotiations between tenants and landlords,
  • we compose a lease agreement and the collection record.
For investors


  • we consult and cooperate in the purchase of land (we check the land purpose, the regulation of access routes, plot boundaries, subdivision),
  • we participate in the negotiation and redemption of land from municipalities, at public auctions,
  • we assemble all types of contracts related to the construction (sales, contracts with architects and other designers, contractors, supervisors),
  • we participate in the procedure for obtaining building permits.